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What Are Expansion Slots?


Card slots on the computer motherboard are used for additional cards like sound cards, video cards, network cards, internal modems into the board. There are some motherboards today that include video and sound without the addition of an extra card. These cards slots today are mostly PCI type card slots. The cards that are plugged into a computer are the ...

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Computer Motherboard

The motherboard is the mother of all boards on the computer. The motherboard may have a form factor of AT, Baby AT, BTX, ATX, etc. The most common is the ATX motherboards with modern microprocessors run on ATX motherboards. The motherboard holds the microprocessor, the memory and several card slots. The memory may be Single Inline Memory Module (SIMM) sockets ...

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Computer Components

There are all types and sizes of computers. The two main sizes of the computers are  Portable Desktop The portable computer’s comes in various sizes and are referred to as laptops, notebooks and hand-held computers. These are different in sizes the laptop being the largest and the hand-held the smallest. Let discuss about the desktop computer. The Computer Case With ...

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Central Processing Unit Part 2

  The Two Types Of RAM => Static RAM (SRAM) – It retains stored information till computer is under working. => Dynamic RAM (DRAM) – It loses its stored information in a very short span of time even though computer is under working. ROM – It is permanent memory storage as the name suggests, is that part of the memory ...

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Central Processing Unit Part 1

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) which is also known as a processor or microprocessor. It is      responsible for handling all instructions and calculation it receives from other hardware components in the computer and software programs running on the computer.   The Central Processing Unit (CPU) performs the valid processing of data. The data it processes is obtained through the system ...

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Introduction To Computer Hardware

We are going to start from the basic and develop on that. These are going to help you understand computer hardware. With all these you ought to have basic skills on computer hardware which will help if you want to take up networking career. When we say computer hardware we are referring to the physical parts of the computer like ...

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