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Some Basic Computer Terms


A logical data unit which has an attainable value of 0 or 1.

The process of initializing an operating system on a computer.

A unit of data storage consisting of 8 bits.

An electrical cycle is basically a sine wave form during which electrical voltage will cycle from its lowest negative value to its highest positive value and repeats again.

Computer Hardware
Refers to the different electronic components that are required for the use of a computer along with it hardware components inside the computer case.

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Device driver
Is a program that allows a peripheral device like a printer to connect to a computer.

Is the common way of connecting computers on a network with a cable connection.

Gigabyte (Gb)
A unit of data storage consisting of very about 1000 megabytes. This is used to refer the amount of capacity of a hard drive.

Hard Drive
A device that reads and writes information.

A unit of frequency describing the number of electrical cycles that occur in a second. One hertz is one cycle per second.

Megabyte (Mb)
Is a unit of data storage that roughly one million bytes. This is normally used to refer to the amount of system memory or floppy disk storage.

Megahertz (Mhz)
Is a unit of frequency of one million hertz. It describes the clock frequency the microprocessor runs.

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