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Computer Motherboard


The motherboard is the mother of all boards on the computer. The motherboard may have a form factor of AT, Baby AT, BTX, ATX, etc. The most common is the ATX motherboards with modern microprocessors run on ATX motherboards. The motherboard holds the microprocessor, the memory and several card slots. The memory may be Single Inline Memory Module (SIMM) sockets or Dual Inline Memory module (DIMM) sockets. But the current standard is DIMM socket memory. This is usually 168 pin 3 volt unbuffered synchronous DRAM memory. PC100 or PC133 memory is the current memory of choice. Most boards have 3 or 4 memory slots which could depending on the size of DIMM used.



Major Component of ATX Motherboard

> Power Supply Plug-in
> Keyboard Connector
> Mouse Connector
> Floppy Controller
> CMOS Battery
> Parallel Port – External Device Connector
> IDE Controller – Integrated Drive Electronics
> CPU Chip – Microprocessor
> CPU Slot – Processor socket
> RAM Slots – Random-Access Memory
> PCI Slot – Peripheral component interconnect
> ISA Slot – Industry Standard Architecture
> AGP Slot – Advanced Graphics Port
> USB Port – Universal serial bus

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