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How To Fix Your Computer: When Power Is Not Turning On And Blank Monitor


This do happen sometime when we try to put on our computer nothing happens, pressing on the power button the computer won’t turn on, it very disturbing when this occur. Underneath are few steps to consider.

Light Not Appearing On Computer

When the computer is turning on and there is no indication of light appearing on the front of the laptop or the computer case and also the fan is not running it could be that there is a loose power cord or the power supply is not working.
First check whether all plugs are firmly in the socket.
Secondly check the power cord for any break or damage and when there is damage replace it.
Thirdly if the above steps are ok, then the issue could be in the power supply.

The Computer Is On But Monitor Is Blank

When the computer is turn on and the lights and fan are on but the machine is not booting. Try the following to troubleshoot.

Check The RAM And Other Cards


When the computer is turn on and you hear or the computer is making a beeping sound, then the RAM on board inside the computer could be loose. Open the case of the computer and then remove the RAM and the place it back by gently pressing the edges down to insert it into the motherboard properly. When the RAM is OK, check the graphic card or the video card.


The Blank monitor
If the above do not resolve the issue try to connect the system unit to another monitor to determine which one is the cause.

Check The Video Cable And Video Connectors For Any Damage


Inspect the video cable and video connectors for any damage. Check for breaks in the cable, or bent or broken pins at the connectors. Turn off the monitor and computer and try to straighten bent pins with a small metal tube.

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