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How To Fix Blue Screen of Death


The blue screen error that often displays after a serious system crash, this is the worst type of error of computer and it very frustrating when this error happen.  The blue screen error called death because your computer gets freezes and some time after reboot it starts in normal mode.

The blue screen of death is the outcome of software crash or hardware issue. Blue screens issues are brought on because of your computer hardware or sometime issues with hardware driver.

When this Blue Screen of Death happens to you, there are some few things you can try to fix this error when it occurs.

First Step

If you experience a blue screen error when upgrading to Windows 10, setup will automatically go back to your previous version of Windows.

Second Step

Sometimes viruses can cause windows files to corrupt and this kind of errors can occur. When is happens scan for virus and malware.

Third Step

Hardware malfunctioning can cause this kind of error on computer. New hardware sometime do cause blue screen errors, it could happen you added new hardware to your computer if that is the case shut down the computer unplug the new hardware and restart the computer.

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It will be advisable to update all the driver of the computer in Device Manager.

=>  Press Windows Key + R Key.
=>  Then type “devmgmt.msc” without the quotes and hit on Enter Key.
=>  Expand Each options.
=>  Right click on the driver and click on Update driver software.

Forth Step

Has your system recently display blue screen error if yes  then restart  the computer and pressing ‘F8’ to load the advanced options menu and then select ‘last known good configuration’ (your most recent settings that worked). If this did not work, then use System Restore.

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