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Computer Components


There are all types and sizes of computers. The two main sizes of the computers are 


The portable computer’s comes in various sizes and are referred to as laptops, notebooks and hand-held computers. These are different in sizes the laptop being the largest and the hand-held the smallest. Let discuss about the desktop computer.

The Computer Case With Hardware Inside

Computers are made up of these basic components:-



Power Supply – The power supply comes with the case but this component is mentioned separately since there are various types of power supplies.

Motherboard – This is where the core components of your computer reside (which are the following items). The support cards for video, sound, networking and more are mounted into this board.

Microprocessor – This is the brain of your computer. It performs commands and instructions and controls the operation of the computer.

Memory – The RAM in your system is mounted on the motherboard. This is memory that must be powered on to retain its contents.

Drive controllers – The drive controllers control the interface of your system to your hard drives. The controllers let your hard drives work by controlling their operation. On most systems they are included on the motherboard and you may also add additional controllers for faster or other types of drives.

Hard disk drive – This is where your files are permanently stored on your computer. The operating system is installed here.

CD-ROM drive – This is a read only drive where files are permanently stored. There are read/write CD-ROM drives that use special software to allow users to read from and write to these drives.

Floppy drive – A floppy is a small disk storage device that today typically has about 1.4 Megabytes of memory capacity.

Monitor – This device which operates like a TV set, it enable the user to see how the computer is responding to their commands.

Keyboard – This is where the user enters text commands into the computer.

Mouse – A point and click interface for entering commands which works well in graphical environments.

There are other file storage devices such as DVD devices, Tape backup devices, and some others.

Some Computer Terms

Bit – A logical data unit which has a possible value of 0 or 1.

Byte – A unit of data storage consisting of 8 bits.

Cycle – An electrical cycle is basically a sine wave form during which electrical voltage will cycle from its lowest negative value to its highest positive value and back again.

Computer hardware – Refers to the various electronic components that are required for you to use a computer along with the hardware components inside the computer case.

Hertz – A unit of frequency describing the number of electrical cycles that occur in a second. One hertz is one cycle per second. Power is delivered to homes in the United States at 60Hz and in Europe at 50Hz.

Megabyte (Mb) – Is a unit of data storage that about one million bytes. This is normally used to refer to the amount of system memory or floppy disk storage.

Megahertz (Mhz) – Is a unit of frequency. It is one million hertz. It describes the clock frequency the microprocessor runs at. The larger the number the faster the microprocessor but there are other factors that affect microprocessor speed.

Gigabyte (Gb) – A unit of data storage consisting of about 1000 megabytes. This is normally used to refer to the amount of capacity a hard drive has.
RAM – Random Access Memory.

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